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We are an award-winning digital native firm with niche expertise at the intersection of business, policy and technology. As a trusted advisor to the change makers, we support public, private and non-profit organizations in scaling their impact through IT governance, risk management and digital modernization.

Business Plan

We Are On A Mission

At iBlock Group we work towards advancing digital capabilities for mission-driven organizations in service of a more just and equitable world. In practice, this means moving beyond one-off solutions to form deep and long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

What We Do

We help drive business transformations, develop capacity and support sustainable solutions in an effort to deliver maximum impact.

Our Commitment

As a best-value consulting partner, we help clients achieve measurable cost and efficiency savings. Leveraging modern management technology and expertise we empower our customers to deliver value for their stakeholders.

Meet Our Customers

Over the years, we have been fortunate to advise a number of U.S. government clients and industry leaders. Our proactive, objective, and disciplined work ethic has resulted in repeat projects with the following organizations:

What Customers Say

Contract Officer - DEA

“With the tireless efforts of iBlock staff, successful delivery of the project was made possible.”

Consider a Career at iBlock Group

We pride ourselves on building a culture of excellence and service for the greater good. Consider joining us if you are:  

  • Interested in working towards a more just and equitable world

  • Committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Passionate about IT and business

  • Enjoy remote & flexible working arrangements

  • Open to fantastic career growth opportunities

Consultation on Tablet
Grow With Us
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